Why book with us

Our apartments have been chosed until now by more than 2000 guests, simple and functional, but tide and accurate in design and style, updated year by year. Interior design by KappaGi.

Our flats welcome you in the centre of Sestri Levante in a strategic location nearby centre, beaches, shops, supermarkets and train station.

Do you come by train? Just a short walk from the station and you’re at destination.

Do you come by car? There’s a private parking place inside the court of the building where you can “forget” your car in total tranquillity and enjoy your vacation.

The flats are fully equipped with air conditioning, wi-fi and other devices that make your stay comfortable.

We take care of your health: hygien, disinfection and ventilation every time.

We are pet firendly: you can take your pets with you. We just ask you to observe srtictly the rules of hygien and cleanliness.

We support you in any moment of your stay, from beginnning to end, so you can have a serene and quiet vacation.

Thank to you we achieved results that increase year by year and many clients want to visit us again. You come as a guest, you leave as a friend.

P.S.: besides our flats we can offer to you also a wide 4-rooms apartment, a 3-rooms apartment, and a 2-room apartment, all situated in the same building and in the buildings nearby.




Our Apartments

Silent Bay Apartments, our apartments are wide and bright, the penthouses have a panoramic spacious private terrace, and have a capacity of 2/6 persons. They were recently renovated and fit perfectly all your necessities for a perfect vacation nearby the sea. We’re glad to host you for a short break or for a long term stay as well. You must only ask!
Sestri Levante has a very particular microclimate that you can enjoy all the year long. Tigullio Gulf will be the splendid scenario where you can “grab” endless suggestions for you vacation days.

Punta Manara

Open Space Apartment “Punta Manara”, 65 m2 with a furnished wide terrace of 100 m2 surface on the floor

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Punta Sant’Anna

Open Space Apartment “Punta S.Anna”, 30 m2 with panoramic terrace of 100 m2 surface on the floor

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Grecale is a two-rooms apartments nearby the sea of approx 50 m2 surface, at 1st floor from ground, easily accessible.

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Happy Holidays in Sestri Levante!


Once upon a time there was a lovely place facing the Ligurian Sea, a corner where the sea was deep blue, and where the sun reflected longer. The sirens, enchanted by that magnificent scenario offered by the island of Sestri Levante, elected home and reclined on the rocks, as little thrones, emerged from the water.
From shore, TIGULLIO, the youngest and most beautiful of tritons, saw one day SEGESTA, the most beautiful and charming of the sirens, with blue eyes lighter than the sea and hair lighter that the sun, and he fellt in love with her. One night, while the moon turned silver the rocks and many many stars palpitated like his heart, Tigullio attempted to kidnap Segesta, but Neptune, God of the Sea, did not like that such heaven was deprived of its more harmonious of its gems and punished, petrifying it, that arm leaning to grab the siren.
An isthmus was born, a wonderful isthmus, that joined the island to the continent.
The two faces of the village were created, the two sandy shores, the two little and romantic gulfs, that were donated by world renowned poets the names of “Baia del Silenzio” (Silent Bay) and “Baia delle Favole” (Fairy Tales Bay).